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Born and raised in France, Clarissa Fink studied interior design and products design at the prestigious French school Ecole Superieure des Arts Decoratifs in Paris. After working for French architects she started expanding her interest to diverse design areas. She has worked as an accessory designer in the fashion industry for several years before finding her true vocation in the jewelry design. Since she has focused all her energy on that desire learning the process of fine jewelry making. She created her own line that bears her name in New York in 2006.

The hand carving in wax makes her jewelry a sculpture of a wearable piece of art. Growing up in a family of architects Clarissa emphasizes balance, proportion and the beauty of pure structured lines.

Clarissa Fink

Because the gemstones inspire her for a new creation she carefully selects each stone she uses in her collection. She likes all kind of stones as long as they have a soul and their radiance is attractive.

In her studio all of her jewelry are hand-sculpted and she works closely with clients to create any custom-made pieces.

Clarissa divides her time between Paris and New York City and enjoys traveling all over the world collecting inspiration for her jewelry.